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For Fun


~Hike the Appalachia Trail

~See a Great What Shark in its natural environment

~Visit every National Park

I married my college sweetheart , Jeff. He is a dedicated kindergarten teacher at St. Francis Seraph School in OTR.

Three years ago Jeff and I went “tiny." We sold almost everything, and bought a 600-square-foot condo in OTR that we share with our dog, Yogi, and our cat, Riff Raff.

I have been a community-based mentor with Big Brother/Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati for eight years.



Cincinnati, Ohio

Hi! My name is Christina, and I am the happy farmer florist behind The Flower Lady LLC. With a background in the beauty industry, I understand how unique floral arrangements can take your shop, restaurant, event or photography to the next level. I started this business to bring my love of flowers, horticulture training, and eye for design to businesses and clients in my community.

I specialize in growing flowers and creating beautiful and fragrant solutions for just about every floral need. My primary focus, however, is on serving restaurants, salons and small businesses in the Over-the-Rhine (OTR) neighborhood in Cincinnati, OH where I live, work and garden.

I believe in the inner connectivity of all living things. So, not all of my flowers are cut. I dedicate portions of my flower garden to our precious pollinators and I use all organic growing practices including saving rain water and making my own compost. I love meeting people and showing off my growing business. So, be sure to stay connected with me through my monthly blog and via instagram @theflowerladyotr where you will find updates for opportunities to learn and appreciate nature.  

Peace, Love, Happiness & Flowers, 

The Flower Lady, Christina




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